Edison Christian Life Services is a non-profit, Christian organization that provides care to older adults.

This sets us apart in two ways:


We are committed to Christ-centered care. The foundation of our organization is Jesus Christ. Our care reflects Him and His will for our lives.


We provide an exceptional level and quality of care. Our non-profit status ensures all resources are directed to patient care. Our team is responsible only to those we serve.

Our Mission

Edison Christian Life Services exists to extend the ministry of Jesus Christ to seniors by providing quality, compassionate Christian care in a homelike setting.

Our Vision

To honor God by enriching the lives of all those touched by or involved in our ministry.

Our History

In a world where research is increasingly recognizing and documenting the benefits of holistic care, Edison Christian Life Services has, since our inception, understood that caring for a person includes body, mind and soul.

Our emphasis is on faith-based quality care and vibrant, homelike living environments.


Since 1945, Edison Christian Health Center has offered quality, faith-based care for our residents. Since our beginning, we've continually refined our approaches and raised expectations of what it means to provide quality care, yet we've never wavered from our mission to offer affordable, compassionate Christian care in a homelike setting.


In 1989, we opened Edison Christian Independent Living. Independent living residents have the option of a cozy studio apartment or a gracious two-room suite that includes a kitchenette. Services include housekeeping, scheduled activities, delicious meals and 24-hour staff coverage. Residents enjoy homelike comfort and Christian companionship within this active, older adult community.


Launched in 1994, Edison Christian Assisted Living provides a beautiful setting where residents are encouraged to maintain independence while acknowledging that assistance may be needed in the activities of daily living. Daily interactive activities are offered, and assistance is available to help residents with bathing, dressing, medications, housekeeping and laundry.


On January 1, 2019, the Christian Rest Home formally changed its name to Edison Christian Life Services. The decision was made by our Board, leadership team, and several members of our core constituency following almost two years of careful consideration and fervent prayer. Why the change? First, Edison Christian Life Services more fully represents who we are. Our organization is distinctly Christian, extending the ministry of our loving Savior Jesus Christ. Second, Edison Christian Life Services more fully represents what we do. Our organization provides a continuum of quality, compassionate Christian care in a homelike setting. Third, Edison Christian Life Services more fully represents why we exist. Our organization exists to honor God by enriching the lives of all those touched by or involved in our ministry.

Our Core Values

These shared values direct our conversations, our decision-making, our interactions, and our outcomes. They play an important role in achieving our personal and professional goals – for us and our residents – and they are used as guiding principles to ensure our work extends the ministry of our loving Savior Jesus Christ to seniors.

Personal Connections

Our team is attentive and responsive, gracious and compassionate. Residents are personally and profoundly connected to our staff and our management. Many have described us as friends, even family. And all residents are known by name.


Our team is committed – in heart and mind – to this work. We take pride in exceeding expectations to ensure our residents live meaningful, abundant lives. Many of us believe we have been called to this work, fulfilling Christ’s mandate to love one another.

Honesty & Integrity

Our team works hard and keeps promises, showing respect, fairness, and consideration to all. Personal accountability and integrity demand we do what is right. Regardless of whether or not it is convenient, easy, or even visible.


Our team is professional and kind and focuses on improving holistic and individualized care through creativity and innovation. Excellence requires flexibility and involves change, but it also ensures the safest, most person- centered care is provided.

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24-hour skilled nursing care with dementia care, long-term care, and short-term rehab
Staffed care and compassionate assistance
Independence within Christian community